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This is the philosophical homepage of Alin Christoph Cucu.
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Diligere veritatem omnem et in omnibus.

Die ganze Wahrheit lieben, und zwar die Wahrheit in allem.

Love the whole truth, and the truth in all things.

Alin Christoph Cucu

Alin Christoph Cucu

To me, philosophy is more than just an academic discipline.
I consider it my lifestyle and calling: „To love the truth, and the truth in all things.“

About me

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Publishing and writing

I am fully aware of the need for regular publishing. Science can only make progress that way. Still, I value quality and novelty in my writings as highly as a clear and concise style.


I love to break down complicated issues into graspable and concise chunks without getting superficial. To me, teaching is inseparably bound to dialogue and discussion; because after all, I am and remain a learner.


Wisdom does not belong to one person alone. Recognizing this, I constantly seek connections and collaborations with other scholars around the globe. In all this, I particularly appreciate the interaction with differing views, which they sharpen the intellect.

Time and project management

Life is short. I seek to do redeem my time as best as possible. To that end, I work intentionally with proven time and project management systems such as Time Boxing or the weekview® EPTW-cycle.

Writing samples

oder: was wir über die Debatte wissen können, ohne eine einzige Grafik betrachtet zu haben In diesem Artikel möchte ich eine „Landk...

or: what we can know about the debate without having looked at one single graph In this article, I’d like to offer a ‘map’ to navigate...

Dissertation project

I presently work on my PhD thesis at the University of Lausanne under Prof. Michael Esfeld. The topic is (working title) „Interacting Minds in the Physical World“.